Meet Our Staff

Dr. Cindy Eaton, Owner

Dr. Cynthia Eaton is a 2001 graduate of North Carolina State University with degrees in Animal Science and Biological Sciences.  She went on to NCSU, College of Veterinary Medicine to obtain a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 2005. After graduating, Dr. Eaton completed an equine internship in Kentucky and practiced mixed animal medicine for three years. Dr. Eaton joined the Spay Neuter Clinic in 2008, shortly after the clinic opened. In addition to being the chief surgeon, she has been involved with the growth and management of the clinic since 2008 and took over ownership of the clinic in 2014. Dr. Eaton is very dedicated to the clinic, the animals we serve and the importance of spaying and neutering to not just reduce overpopulation, but also improve the quality of life. When not working, Dr. Eaton enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, traveling and being outside. She has quite a collection of animals on her farm; including cats, horses, goats, ducks and turtles!  

Dr. Eaton has worked closely with multiple non-profit organizations to prepare and implement grants that allow for patients to receive surgeries at hugely reduced rates, well below the cost of surgery.  She feels strongly that the only solution to overpopulation is spaying and neutering and the way to reach the targeted animals is by reducing the cost to owners as much as needed, sometimes that means providing no-cost surgeries.  

“Providing high quality and affordable spay neuter surgeries is the most effective way of reducing overpopulation and reducing the euthanasia rates in shelters. I am proud to be part of the Spay Neuter Clinic and the incredible service that we offer to both pets and owners. For many animals this is their first opportunity for receiving veterinary care and gives us a chance to educate owners about responsible pet ownership.”  

Dr. Allie Pellerito, Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Pellerito joined SNVC in May of 2022She was born and raised in Michigan and received a bachelor’s of science from the University of Findlay in Ohio. She went on to attend veterinary school at Iowa State University and graduated in 2021. She worked at a mixed animal practice in Michigan for 10 months before relocating to NC for the warmer weather and to switch from private practice to non-profit workDr. Pellerito has a special interest in surgery, preventative care and is Fear-Free Shelter Certified. She has two dogs, Fern, a chocolate lab and Clover, an “Ohio stray special.”  When not working, Dr. Pellerito enjoys cooking/baking, rock climbing, training her dogs, hiking, doing hot yoga and going to the beachShe feels that the work that SNVC does is a huge support to the community in terms of reducing pet overpopulation and providing preventative care to pets whose owners may not otherwise be able to afford these services. 

Dr. Debra Sampson, Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Sampson joined the SNVC team in October 2022. She grew up in Rowland, NC and is a member of the Lumbee tribe. Dr. Sampson graduated from The University of North Carolina at Pembroke in 2014 and went on to attend veterinary school at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Sampson has two dogs, Nooda, a chihuahua and Houdini, a mutt that she rescued on Saints Kitts while she was attending Ross. Outside of work, Dr. Sampson enjoys golfing, camping, karaoke, and spending time with her family, pets and close friends. Dr. Sampson enjoys working at SNVC due to our amazing team and our clinic’s services within the community.  

Kari, Veterinary Assistant

Kari joined SNVC in 2018.  She is a Veterinary Assistant and is our lead cat lady.  Although she loves dogs, her love for cats cannot be matched.  Kari’s compassion and tender heart ensures that she provides the highest quality care to each pet she works with.  We are so lucky to have her helping to lead the technical staff and are so proud of the amazing, skilled veterinary assistant she has grown into over the last three plus years.  Please give some love to Kari! 

 “I work at SNVC because I truly believe in the cause of reducing animal overpopulation and reducing the number of precious babies euthanized at shelters every day. But I stay because we are really like a family and everyone treats every animal like they were their own.” 

Angie, Veterinary Assistant

Angie has been part of SNVC since 2019. She attended the Animal Behavioral College to obtain a certificate as a veterinary assistant in 2018. Angie’s dedication and love for all animals is clear to everyone who works with her.  She is a sponge for knowledge and has learned so much over the last four years. We are so grateful that Angie is one of our technical leads as she is a confident, qualified and amazing veterinary assistant. We have even been able to convert Angie to “cat person” over the last year.  She is now not just an amazing mom to not only her human child, but also to her many cat children! 

“I am passionate about veterinary medicine because we are directly making an impact on the quality of the animal’s lives, helping with overpopulation and we can be the voice that the animals don’t have.” 

Holly, Veterinary Assistant

Holly started working at SNVC in April of 2023. As a veterinary assistant, Holly’s role is to monitor surgery patients while they’re under anethesia, prep patients for surgery, place microchips, and collect laboratory samples such as urine, fecals, blood and ear cytologies. Holly is originally from Tennessee and attended the University of Tennessee at Martin where she graduated with a degree in Animal Science. Holly owns an American Bulldog named Mia and lives with her boyfriend who is a marine. Holly’s hobbies include doing outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, hunting, and hiking. Holly is passionate about working in the veterinary field as she believes in being the voice for those who can’t speak (the animals) and providing them with the highest quality of care.  

Annie, Veterinary Assistant

Annie finished her veterinary technician coursework in the spring of 2023 and joined SNVC in May. She was born and raised in Fayetteville and has two pets- a cat named Monkey and a chihuahua named Taz. Annie’s hobbies include drawing and listening to podcasts, audiobooks and music. Annie is excited to gain the clinical hours necessary to become a licensed veterinarian technician and is interested in going to veterinary school in the future. Annie loves working in veterinary medicine as it allows her to provide care and comfort to the most innocent living beings. 

Henry, Veterinary Assistant
Henry is from Guatemala City, where he attended veterinary school at San Carlos University of Guatemala and attained a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science. Throughout his college years, he worked in a veterinary clinic with dogs and cats. After earning his degree, he worked with nonprofit organizations (Brooke and World Vision) on projects to help low-income communities with their livestock. This was a tremendous opportunity to provide clinical support and medical services to pigs and horses. During this time, he coordinated meetings to teach community members about best practices in animal care, health, disease, and vaccines. 

He moved to New York City in 2013 and worked as a certified medical assistant. He moved to North Carolina in 2022 with wife, beautiful daughter and two cats. Most recently, they rescued a puppy and look forward to watching him grow with their family. 

Henry also enjoys volunteering at the local botanical garden and animal shelter. 

Rupert, Kennel Assistant

Rupert started working at SNVC in 2020 but has worked with Dr. Eaton on her farm for over 10 years. Rupert is hard working, positive and keeps everyone in a good mood! Rupert’s main job at SNVC is to handing all of our instruments. He cleans them, sterilizes them and makes up surgical packs. Since we do 40-60 surgeries per day, we would be lost without Rupert and the attention, time and care that he takes to make sure that we have sterilized instruments every day. 

Veronica, Kennel Assistant

Veronica started working at SNVC in 2020, but has worked with Dr. Eaton on her farm for over 10 yearsVeronica helps with patient prep, recovery, cleaning and preparing the clinic for the next day. Veronica is a major asset to our team and keeps everyone smiling and laughing. If we could clone Veronica 10 times over, we absolutely would! 

Scottie, Kennel Assistant

Scotlon “Scottie” Ellison is a new addition to the SNVC team. Scottie is a Senior at Fayetteville State University who will be graduating this Spring with a Bachelor of Science degree in Organismal Biology. Scottie’s future plans include attending Veterinary School. Scottie has been a wonderful addition to our team with his willingness to learn, ability to grasp information quickly, and his excellent work ethic. Scottie is already such an important member of our staff and is rapidly advancing in his Vet assistant skills.  Scottie is a pet dad to a rescue Boxer-mix “Bubba”.  It is his love for animals that has inspired him to become the amazing employee he is today.

Melanie, Customer Service Representative

Melanie joined SNVC in 2021Melanie is originally from Germany and moved to the states in 2011 as a military spouseShe lives with her husband and her daughter along with two dog, Cujo and Precious, and three cats, Benjamin, Franklin & MittensMelanie has been volunteering at a local rescue since 2017She enjoys crafting, embroidery and anything she can do with her CricutMelanie loves to see the shelter animals that come every week to complete their final step to adoption and seeing them finally go to their forever homes“We are really like a big family here at the clinic and I love to see how everyone treats our patients with so much love, care and patience.” 

Anne, Customer Service Representative

Anne joined SNVC in 2022We have known Anne for quite a few years as a client and as a volunteer/board member for a local cat rescue groupAnne was a military “brat” born in Tripoli, Libya (Africa) and has traveled around Canada, Central Latin America, Europe, the United Kingdom, United States and always with a pet or two tagging along for the rideAnne’s past experience was managing post libraries on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal for the U.S. Army Garrison-Panama before relocating to NCShe currently lives with her cats (Six Pack, Benjamin, Annabel Lee, PJ, Blazi, Carmella, Little Bit & Thumbelina)“I was so impressed by the quality of care provided by the veterinarian and staff, I jumped at the chance to work at the clinic.”  Ann is a member of the front office staff handling phone calls, making appointments, checking patients in and out. 

Claire, Customer Service Representative

Ms. Claire has volunteered in every aspect of the clinic, from helping with patient recovery, administrative help and jumping in wherever is needed since shortly after the clinic opened in 2008.  Since 2020, she stepped in to help SNVC on a full time basis and has been an invaluable part of the team since.  She knows every area of the practice by heart and is willing to help wherever the need isShe can rock charts, as well as prepare animals for surgery and recover themI think her favorite task though is taking the nervous small pets and cuddling them the whole day, or perhaps letting them visit with her in her office in the pet strollerWe would be lost without Ms. Claire and are so thankful every day that she is here to help! 

Lisa, Customer Service Representative

Lisa joined SNVC in the fall of 2022. Lisa answers phone calls, schedules appointments, takes payments, prepares medical records and makes calls to other veterinary clinics to obtain necessary medical records. Lisa is originally from Canada but has lived all over the world including in Saudi Arabia where she worked as a respiratory therapist and met her husband. Prior to moving to NC, Lisa lived in Lexington, KY where she managed a small spay/neuter clinic through a local humane society. Lisa has two adult children, a daughter and a son, and currently resides with her husband and their 7 cats. Outside of work, Lisa enjoys going to the beach and beachcomb, swimming, gardening, baking, hanging out with her cats. She and her husband also like to scuba dive and travel. 

“This is the best environment I have ever worked in, including human medicine. I know that the services 

we provide here at SNVC are of the highest quality and help the community. I am inspired every single 

day to do better, reach higher and learn more.” 

Carol, Customer Service Representative

Carol joined SNVC in November 2022. She works for SNVC part-time and is responsible for preparing charts of the next workday and assistant with morning check-in. Prior to coming to SNVC, Carol has had many jobs in the veterinary industry including working as a veterinary technician, a drug representative and managing an animal shelter. Carol enjoys working with dogs and has previously shown dogs in confirmation and agility. Outside of work, Carol enjoys reading.  

Shayla, Customer Service Representative
Shayla began working at SNVC in August of 2023. Prior to that, she lived in New York City and worked at an animal care center as a rescue coordinator. Shayla has four pets- a pitbull/lab mix named Emma, a Bengal cat named Leo, and two bunnies named Mochi and Morty. Shayla’s hobbies include video editing, nail design, and rollerblading.
Kody, Customer Service Representative

Kody began working at SNVC in October of 2023 after being a client and volunteer for 10 years. Kody is the proud mom to a son named Carter and a multitude of personal pets and foster dogs. Kody has a been an animal advocate her whole life and decided to fundraising, fostering and being a voice for stray, abused, neglected and unwanted animals.  We are thrilled to officially have Kody as a member of the SNVC staff.  

Michele, Customer Service Representative

Aloha! Michele graduated from The University of Hawaii with a Bachelor of Nursing and is currently working on her PhD in psych nursing. Michele is married and has five children and two chihuahuas. Michele works a full-time nursing job on top of working part-time as SNVC as she was looking for a way to give back to the community! Outside of work, she enjoys surfing, SUP, trail running, mountain biking, crafting and cooking.  

Krista, Virtual Assistant

In 2020, Krista set off on her veterinary adventure by earning her degree. Since joining SNVC in August 2023, Krista has played a crucial role in managing appointments and ensuring seamless communication with our valued clients. Beyond her professional endeavors, Krista shares her home with two lovable Shih Tzu dogs and a charming Siamese Mix named Chicken. Outside of the veterinary world, Krista indulges in her hobbies, which include gaming, a passion for indie music, and the art of drawing. Her diverse interests not only contribute to a well-rounded personality but also showcase her creativity and love for expression. 

Lawrence, Virtual Assistant

Lawrence has been part of the SNVC team since September 2023 and has been working with appointment setting and client communications. When Lawrence is not working, he spends his time watching movies/tv series, playing video games, and listening to music. His family has a total of 11 dogs- all spayed and neutered? Lawrence works during the day as full-time researcher in the Philippines and then for SNVC for a few hours in the evenings.  

JC, Virtual Assistant

JC joined the SNVC team in October 2023. Navigating the intersection of academia and professional practice, JC has been immersed as a full-time Veterinary Technician at The Cat Clinic – A Feline Exclusive Veterinary Hospital since June 2021. On the verge of attaining a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from De La Salle Araneta University this December, his journey has seamlessly blended hands-on experience with scholarly endeavors.

Beyond his academic pursuits, he finds joy in mobile photography and immerses himself in the world of games, particularly Pokemon, Monster Hunter, and other role-playing games. Cross-country cycling is another passion that allows him to embrace the outdoors. JC has two cherished pets, Chloe (ShihTzu) and Pinipig (Guinea Pig). Their well-being motivated him to overcome challenges and succeed in his studies. Alongside them, his late Husky named Vion serves as a constant reminder of his commitment to becoming a compassionate veterinarian. JC hopes to provide house-call services once he finishes his veterinary degree. He also aspires to build a farm and have beef cattle of his own to care for. In essence, his journey from a full-time Veterinary Technician to a prospective Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is woven with a passion for animals, a commitment to affordability in veterinary care, and a vision of a future where he contributes to the well-being of both small and large animals.