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Financial Assistance Programs

Thank you for being concerned about your pet’s health and the pet overpopulation problem in your area. There are several available financial assistance programs that are designed for those in financial need and are available to a limited number of applicants.  See below for several of the available programs. If you have questions about which you qualify for let us know!


SNVC staff raises funds through fundraisers and  private donations that go into the “FIXX FUND.” This fund was created to assist clients on governmental financial assistance that live outside of Moore County.  In order to qualify for the FIXX Fund, you must be on financial assistance and fill out our application.  Once the application is completed and returned with proof of qualification, we can let you know what rate you qualify for, take your deposit and schedule your pet’s surgery.

If you are on financial assistance but do not live in Moore County use the FIXX Application. You can also fill out this form online here.

For Spanish speaking individuals, please fill out the Espanol Financial Aid Application

Moore County SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program):

The SNAP program is designed specifically for Moore County residents whom receive government financial assistance such as; WIC, Food Stamps, Section 8 housing, or Medicaid.

The cost of surgery is subsidized by Moore County through a Statewide program to promote spaying and neutering. As a client, you are responsible for the $10 Rabies vaccine charge if your Pet is not current on the vaccine. This payment is made when scheduling your appointment and is considered a deposit. Click here to see our deposit policy

Prior to scheduling your pet for an appointment under the SNAP funding, you must first fill out and submit a copy of your financial assistance (Medicaid card, EBT card, WIC voucher) and a completed application for each Pet. Once the application is completed and returned with proof of qualification, we can take your deposit and schedule your pet’s surgery.

If you are in Moore County download, fill out and send in the SNAP Application Form, or you can fill it out online here.

Moore County SNAP Funds are provided by Moore County and partially subsidized by the State of North Carolina to cover the cost of surgery for those in need of assistance. Please give us a call at (910) 692-3499 to schedule your appointment, then submit the completed and signed form to the Spay Neuter Clinic with required proof.

FIX’M Fund Assistance Program:

The Fix’M fund started in 2016 and funded by Moore County citizen donations. You may purchase a voucher at the Animal Center of Moore County if you qualify for the program. The Fix’m fund subsidizes the cost of your Pets spay or neuter and their Rabies vaccine. You must provide proof that you are a Moore County resident in order to apply for a voucher. Please contact the Animal Health Center of Moore County at 910-947-2858 for more information.  Once you have a voucher in hand, you can give us a call to schedule your pet’s appointment.

Moore County Citizens’ Pet Responsibility Committee (PRC)

The PRC partners with the SNVC through two programs.  As part of the PRC’s Pet Responsibility Program for fourth graders in Moore County, fourth graders can win a free spay or neuter for their pet or the pet of someone they know by writing a “Speuter Story” about the importance of spaying and neutering.  The surgery is performed at the SNVC and underwritten by the Moore County Kennel Club.  For information on the Speuter Story Contest, go to

The second program involves working with residents in the north of the county.  They are advised and helped with the paperwork required for various programs that subsidize spaying and neutering.  Transportation to and from the SNVC is also provided.  This program is spearheaded by Robbins resident and veterinary technician, Kristen Seawell, who can be reached at 910-691-4391.

If you are not able to afford the general public pricing but are unsure which financial assistance you qualify for, please fill out the following contact form for more information.

Ways to Give

Giving is Easy and Flexible!

Whether you give in the form of a money donation, buying needed supplies from our wish list, or lending a helping hand, all gifts make a difference for pets in need.

Costs for the Spay Neuter Veterinary Clinic are heavily subsidized and available thanks to the support of the Spay Neuter Initiative Program

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